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At Texarkana Gastroenterology Consultants, Dr. Laura Balmain is a Board Certified Gastroenterologist since 1997.

Dr. Balmain practices all areas of gastroenterology and hepatology. She views her medical practice as a ministry and thus strives to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of her patients. Her devotion to caring for the needs of her patients keeps her motivated to staying abreast of new and innovative treatment options.¬† She is loved by her patients and was voted Best Doctor 2016 by Texarkana Gazette Reader’s Choice. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Hospice of Texarkana.

Dr. Balmain passionately enjoys spending time with her son Joseph. She has traveled worldwide, doing medical work in Africa, Australia, and Holland. She now enjoys raising cattle on her ranch, gardening, and Bible study. She is very active in her church, serving as Sunday School teacher and choir member. She also devotes a portion of her time to a variety of other ministries including the Northeast Texas Emmaus Community.

What's Happening with Dr. Laura Balmain:

As if working full time seeing my wonderful patients is not filling my days. My spare time is spent with my son Joseph and all his activities. Boys state in Austin and NASA space program in Houston. Joseph just started his senior year of high school and had his senior night at the football game at Texas High.

College search is on and he is applying to Texas A & M University, University of Texas, Baylor University, Rice University, and Duke University so far. His major keeps changing, but for now his primary interest is engineering and business. His hope is to graduate in top 10 of his class.

Attended Bible Prophecy conference and ongoing activities at my local church. I am focused on weight loss and management. A big part of my time is preparing, shopping and packing for Christmas for Operation. Christmas Child, one of my favorite ministries.

Had a mini vacation to Bronson, MO - most of my spare time is touring college campuses. Finally, looking forward to a mother and son trip for Joseph's graduation to Australia next summer.

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  • In Office Endoscopy Center - Procedures can be scheduled in the comfort of our own endoscopy center, instead of the hospital, with our team of nurse anesthetists. The pathology lab is also provided in house.
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